About the Artist

Thanks so much for stopping by— I’m Denise Hagood, the artist of Blue Flax Studio.

Every piece of jewelry that I make is the result of many hours of careful searching, curating and creating.  Rare items such as Victorian buckles, vintage furniture hardware and forgotten treasures from the past are my design partners.  I want to honor that timeless beauty and collaborate with it.  Working in combination with leather and gemstones, I aim for a natural look + feel that is a simple pleasure to wear, every day.

My love of creativity began as a child in the early 1960s when I was surrounded by the prolific and highly original art made by my father. Although I never actually knew him in my life, his work was a spur to my own artistic efforts. A rustic necklace that he made resonated with me. The amazing piece spoke to my young soul and enlightened me to the fact that valuable art can emerge from the most humble materials. 

Born and raised in the American west, I’ve viewed the land and it’s native cultures with respect and awe.  A long career as a graphic designer and years of residency and study of art in Europe have further shaped my aesthetic views.  Life is a gift of joy, mixed with challenge and lots of hard work.  I value all of my past experiences for the precious insight it provides today.

To the many extraordinary women who wear my designs, I send my heartfelt thanks. You are my vision of beauty, and the reason why I love being a jewelry artist.

Please take a moment to view my gallery, and message me at any time to see more pieces from my collection that are also available for purchase.

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